August 4
Fremont NH

I've been looking at our milkweed leaves this week. It's about time to see some eggs. I haven't noticed any monarchs flying in the yard but have noticed them as I've been driving. I saw this big fellow in my search for eggs.


I was able to find several eggs on the undersides of the leaves. I marked the plants with cloth so I could find them again.Mrs.Knee

August 6
Fremont NH
Some eggs have opened . I collected some small caterpillars before leaving for a few days for a conference. My husband will kepp an eye on them to be sure that the milkweed leaves are fresh. No sign of the big guy. I wonder if something got him. Maria Knee

August 8
Bartlett NH

I've seen many monarchs flying around the conference center. They love the flowers that are on the grounds. No sign of milkweed on these beautifully manicured lawns.MK

August 10
Bartlett NH

I stopped long the road as I was leaving to come home because i saw some milkweed plants. I found some eggs but no caterpillars. MK

August 11
Fremont NH

All the my little caterpillars and eggs are doing fine. Found some more eggs on leaves in my yard. Here are the pictures of the different stages I have.
IMG_5708.JPG IMG_5703.JPG IMG_5714.JPG IMG_5710.JPG IMG_5721.JPG

August 15
Deerfield, NH
I went down to my little patch of milkweed to check on the caterpillars. I have seen very tiny caterpillars, and large (about 2 inch) caterpillars. I was surprised to find a large caterpillar moving through the grass away from the milkweed patch, and wondered where he was going. I watched him, only to find four more large caterpillars on the ground. I thought they might be searching for a high place to rest, but found out that they were eating very small milkweed plants that were hidden by the long grass. So now I must be careful to not step on the milkweed plants, but also to not step on the caterpillars going out for a bite.
Sue L
monarchs_011.jpg monarchs_009.jpg