July 4, 2007
Fremont, NH
Today I spotted my first monarch butterfly of the summer. I'm glad that we have lots of milkweed in the yard. I will have to check to see if there are any eggs on the leaves.
Mrs. Knee

July 6, 2007
Deerfield NH

I want to tell you that I found something special tonight. We went for a walk and found milkweed. My Mom said said we should check it later in the summer for monarch caterpillars. I lifted a leaf and guess what? I found a monarch caterpillar!!!
It was already big!! Bradley wanted to take it home, but we decided to leave it alone. We will definitely look there at the beginning of the school year.

July 13, 2007
Guelph, Ontario
Sam, my son found a monarch caterpillar on a Queen Anne's Lace plant beside milkweed. We brought it home and put it on a milkweed plant. It immediately crawled to the underside of the leaf and stayed there until it hung in the J formation. The next morning the skin was gone and there was the chrysalis. This photo was taken tonight, July 13th TracyMuller